Out in Left Field

Smarm school: Wuxtry! Wuxtry! In the May 22 Message, Westword's Michael Roberts breathlessly reports that the New York Times's Jayson Blair scandal leaves readers with the "impression that papers tilt major stories." What's the difference between a reporter using his invisible friends as sources and the blatant left-liberal drum most journalists beat loud and proud in their "news" stories? Which is worse, editors who look the other way for the occasional piece of prose-as-news, or those who stock their stables with reporters who can be counted upon to lard the news with left-liberal political ideology? When the late Alan Dumas relied only on his creative muse as a source for the "news" that the Catholic Church was considering actor John Wayne for canonization, it was not simply the humorous lark Roberts now, and Westword and Dumas then, made it out to be. It was a smarmy attempt by the far-left-liberal Dumas to poke fun at the Church and to make the politically conservative Duke look goofy.

Meanwhile, John Temple, publisher over to the Rocky, "discourages anonymous sources" because there's no way to know whether they are reliable. News flash, John: The increasingly leftward slant, spin and bias in your paper's "news" took the reliable outta your sails a couple or three years ago. Use to be we had two (count 'em!) papers of record in Denver. Now we have DNC Pravda and DNC Pravda Lite. And Michael Roberts must be kidding with his statement that the New York Times is "among the most trusted" news organs on the planet. Now, what planet was that -- planet Hillary? I, for one, look forward to an exclusive interview of John Wayne under a Jayson Blair byline.

Through the conscious decision to toe the left-liberal line and make a big deal out of not making a big deal out of Blair's race, the media has, en masse, managed to again deflect attention from the real story. Quick! Ignite another flashpot, and keep the man behind the curtain hidden!

JM Schell


Lost at Sea

Rove, Rove, Rove your boat: John Hickenlooper may have traded name recognition into a run for the roses (Off Limits, May 15 and May 22), but how could Kenny Be have missed the symbolism of Don Mares's name? Mares means "seas," and Don Mares is caught in a perfect storm caused by the confluence of term limits and Karl Rove's Republican redistricting of America.

Term limits mean that every important elective office in Denver turns over this election and, most likely, not again for eight whole years. That means that not just candidates, but would-be staffers and consultants and PR firms and lobbyists all have to scramble to get on board or be left high and dry for years. When politicians say it is "not about a job," it's about a job.

And the brilliance of the Rove Doctrine on redistricting may finally be dawning on Democrats. The redistricting concentrates Democrats into fewer districts. Not only does this mean less Democrats in office, but they can only win elections by defeating other Democrats.

Democrats in Texas can seek sanctuary in Oklahoma, but Democrats in Denver have no safe harbor.

Joanne Marie Roll


There goes the neighborhood: I'm confused about who's running for Denver City Council in my neighborhood, District 10. Is it Jeanne Robb, the homophobic bigot who helped continue evictions of unmarried straight and gay couples from living in her neighborhood? Or is it the politician/user Jeanne Robb, who is a champion of civil rights for gay people?

Is it Jeanne Robb the registered Republican? Or the clever politician who changed to "Independent" status two years ago because she knew she wouldn't get elected otherwise? Jeanne commented in the May 22 Off Limits that "We weren't aware of the sort of thing some of my gay supporters went through."

What did Jeanne think would happen to these couples in her neighborhood? What if the zoning had barred blacks from living in her neighborhood -- would she know the consequences to black people? How stupid does Jeanne think gay people are in District 10? Obviously, really stupid. She hasn't taken responsibility for her actions and hasn't apologized.

Jeanne has established a pattern of spinning, changing her story and lying before even being elected. I thought politicians were supposed to wait until they were in office to start with these shenanigans.

Ben Fiedler


Loss of Innocence

False accusations: Regarding Julie Jargon's "Judge Not," in the May 15 issue:

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