Letters to the Editor

Up Against the Wall, Denver

The mural of the story: I cannot believe the balls of the City of Denver, being somehow aghast at the new Terabeam mural (Jonathan Shikes's "The Writing's on the Wall," June 28). They sell the rights to a stadium owned by the people -- Pepsi, Invesco -- and they allow the city to be sleazily lit up like a Las Vegas strip club by those Qwest signs. God forbid we have a beautiful mural of the Rockies, though.

Is the problem really the picture, or is it that no one on city council's pocket was stuffed before it was put up?

Douglas Karr

Murder, He Wrote

The big chill: I am just at the end of "Dead Reckoning," the last installment in Steve Jackson's June 7-28 "Penalty Zone" series, and the chills down my spine made me write. I heard the account of Peyton Tuthill's murder before this, but the shock value goes on and on. I am against the death penalty when guilt is not conclusive. In this case, there is no doubt. Who are these judges to denigrate the horror she went through? I and many others do not see the death penalty as the best sentence for all murders. But if any deserve it, this is one.

Nick Werle
Colorado Springs

Murder most foul: I was a member of the jury for Donta Page's murder trial and was absolutely appalled at the decision of the three-judge panel. I was devastated by their ruling. Where the hell has our justice system gone? Why waste taxpayers' money to seat a jury when justice is not served, anyway? We found him guilty on all counts.

Please withhold my name, because this Donta Page is so screwed up, he might find someone to hurt me.

Name withheld on request

Murder, She Wrote

Tales of the city: However horrible the murder of Peyton Tuthill, Colorado's solution was typical bureaucratic overkill. As described in Patricia Calhoun's "Shelter From the Storm," in the June 28 issue, in trying to keep one hypothetical murderer away, Denver's proposed ordinance would have put a hundred more criminals out on the streets. The shelters in this town do an important job, one that government is unwilling (or unable) to do for itself. If Denver City Council does not allow the shelters to continue offering those services, the city had better be ready to offer them itself.

Joan Hoskins

Have faith: I find it ironic that while President Bush wants "faith-based" organizations to step in and fill the charitable void, the City of Denver wants to make it harder for them to do so.

Ray Ramirez
via the Internet

Gimme shelter: As Patricia Calhoun wrote in "Shelter From the Storm" (a Bob Dylan epic composition): "Had Donta Page never come to Colorado, Peyton Tuthill would be alive today." I couldn't help but think that after two years, why bother bringing her name up again? There are a lot of "sick fucks" out there, and we will always be threatened by them should we dwell on the unlikely.

Additionally, eulogizing Tuthill ad nauseam only fuels the issue of the death penalty -- and for me, there is no issue. It is illogical, barbaric and primitive. Tuthill's murder was just as heinous as other murders: Murder is murder, regardless of the murderer. Our government and our people need to be reminded of this concept ad nauseam.

J. Matthew Dietz

Matters of Laugh and Death

The end zone: I would like to comment on a couple of items in the last issue.

Steve Jackson's "Penalty Zone" series was excellent. He put together a comprehensive package that showed how complicated it is to mete out a death sentence in Colorado; it should be. However, allowing the judges to compare the convicted murderer in front of them with someone who is already on death row, and to compare this specific crime with another crime, is in itself a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Mr. Jackson's work will hopefully get the people who can do something about this discrepancy to come up with a better idea of how to approach the problem and find an equitable solution. Kudos, Mr. Jackson!

Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario about Fourth of July fireworks was exactly on the money. The best part was the warning on the bottom about the Denver Police Department evidence room. Hey, at least Jerry Whitman won't have to worry that it's cash that's missing! Keep up the good work, Kenny!

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