Letters to the Editor

The Tea & A Party

Tough titty: Reading Alan Prendergast's brief history of the Tea Party ("From Locusts to Limos," April 10) brought back many memories for me. I was once a member of the Tea Party. Living in Glendale as a 23-year-old in 1999-2000 meant you were excellent Tea Party material. Why? Titties, of course. Shotgun Willie's was my own living room. As soon as I was identified as an active Tea Party member, it was free drinks and as much skin as I could handle. This was the unofficial Tea Party clubhouse. Those were good times. I was involved in Mike Dunafon's bid for mayor, and we were also trying to get some key members on the city council. I learned a lot, had a great time and made many friends.

So why is there continuing controversy over the Tea Party and its founding members? It's the titties. If Debbie Matthews owned a bakery, all of the attention given to the Tea Party would be much less sensational. I think tonight I'll stop by Shotgun Willie's for a drink and a table dance. This time, I'll have to pay.

I would also like to say how shocked I was to hear of Mike Barrett's suicide. I had many drinks with Mike, and Glendale has truly lost a great guy and a great councilman.

Jud Maddox

On Pointe: I am a resident-owner at Cedar Pointe, and I wanted to let you know I appreciated the well-researched and well-presented article in the current Westword.

Alan Prendergast was exactly correct in his presentation of Mr. Line's and Mr. Harte's campaign tactics. I was one who fell for their story and granted them a proxy. I did not post-date it and informed them that I date something when I sign. They were not happy about that, but did not press any further.

That was my first feeling of concern. This turned to disgust when I saw the unsigned articles in the Glendale News. My belief is those who write unsigned articles are disgusting cowards. My feeling about papers that publish unsigned articles is that they lack all credibility. I consider the Glendale News to be a trash rag based on its lack of journalistic ethics.

Why I appreciated the Westword article was that it brought to light much history and many connections of which I was unaware. Knowing these things sheds light on some of the actions and allows me to be a better-informed and more responsible citizen. Keep up the good work.

William Bloch

Clear thinking: Thank you for "Coup de Condo," another wonderful article. Alan Prendergast's in-depth reporting and his ability to present both sides allows the reader to form a clear picture. As bad as Cedar Pointe is, there are HOAs that are worse.

Margaret Purnell

The naked truth: Regarding Alan Prendergast's story on the Tea Party, four Sheridan City Council members -- Mayor Mary Carter, Councilman Jose Tafoya, Councilman Don Smith and Councilwoman Chanelle Beacham -- voted yes on April 9 to allow all-nudity at All Stars, located in Sheridan and owned by Troy Lowrie. Many citizens of Sheridan attended the city council meeting expressing concerns regarding this kind of establishment in our community, but to no avail.

When it came time to vote, Councilman Chuck West said, "Troy Lowrie came to me and tried to buy me off, and I said no to him then, and I will say no to him now," regarding the change to the city ordinance prohibiting nudity in Sheridan. Councilman Clifford Mueller and Councilman Dallas Hall also voted no.

I have concluded that it would be difficult to be a councilmember paid off and owned by Lowrie. Being his prostitute, he requires you to screw a lot of people. Frankly, I just don't know how they sleep at night.

Julie Lay

A Home Run

Covering the bases: Regarding Bill Gallo's "Safe at Home," in the April 10 issue:

While Bobby DeGeorge was preserving his morale and, indeed, his sanity in combat with images of Mr. Cub, I had a parallel experience, albeit in a much safer, self-induced trauma.

Experiencing a bad acid trip during that same era, with the panic of "never coming down" setting in, I mentally groped for something to cling to, to anchor and hopefully rein in my stampeding consciousness. I found a mantra that, intoned and accompanied by images of scooping shortstops, leaping second basemen, sliding base runners and stretching first sackers, preserved my sanity that night. It was "Six to four to three."

Jim Bernath

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