Letters to the Editor

Wed Alert!

Marilyn uh-oh: Regarding Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario in the December 4 issue, "A Most-Grave Situation," here's a letter to Marilyn Musgrave:

I am saddened by your attempt to devalue me as both an American and a beautiful creation of God. My main issue with you is that you were elected to represent the entire state of Colorado. You are wasting taxpayer dollars and taxpayer time with your attempts to push America back to the nineteenth century. Perhaps the solution to the so-called gay agenda is to round us all up and intern us like the Japanese-Americans during WWII or simply exterminate us like the Jews. Then you could rest easy, knowing the world is safe for marriage between a man and a woman.

The best part of America is that nobody has to like or condone who I am and what I do for it to be right for me. Does taxation without representation sound familiar? How about Amendment 2, or separation of church and state? Sounds like you need to go back to school to learn what America is really about, Marilyn. And while you're at it, find yourself a homo to hang with. You'd make a perfect fag hag.

David Kittridge

Ticket to Chide

A matter of convenience: David Holthouse usually does a good job of covering all the angles of pressing issues, but in "That's the Ticket," in the November 27 issue, he barely made mention of Ticketmaster, the greatest ticket-scalping success story ever.

About three years had passed since I last bought concert tickets, when I made a purchase through Ticketmaster's call center in June. In addition to the face value of my tickets, I paid a facility charge, a convenience charge, an order-processing fee and a shipping fee. My grand total was nearly enough to buy four tickets at face value, even though my order was for a pair. I also had to listen to three sales pitches for Ticketmaster's "sponsors" before receiving my order confirmation.

If Ticketmaster can charge convenience fees for buying tickets in advance, why can't the guy who's freezing his ass off outside the Pepsi Center charge a convenience fee for personally delivering my tickets the moment I arrive?

R.J. Andrews

Rules of the game: In his scalping article, Holthouse states that eBay does not regulate ticket sales. In fact, it does: See http://pages.

Meghan Murphy

David Holthouse replies: Meghan Murphy is correct that eBay technically prohibits sellers who live in areas where scalping sports tickets is illegal from auctioning tickets for more than face value. But that's merely the official policy. In practice, eBay bidding for tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers game here next month is heated and already well over face value. The same is true for dozens of other hot tickets in states where scalping is prohibited.

Fit to Be Thai'd

Ramblers anonymous: Regarding Jason Sheehan's "One Night in Bangkok," in the December 4 issue:

I feel cheated that Westword continues to print Jason Sheehan's narcissistic ramblings under the guise of restaurant reviews. His navel-gazing bores me, but if the editors think it makes for good reading, Sheehan could be given his own column, in which he'd describe his credit history, his pot smoking, his parking spots and the weather in Tampa, Florida.

Please give the Cafe review space back to a writer capable of scrutinizing restaurants, not just himself.

Kelly Bastone

Sowing the seedies: Just read yet another enveloping, hilarious installment of Sheehan's reviews with "One Night in Bangkok." My Peet's coffee was so much more aromatic as it sprayed out of my nose at the "crabs" line. I keep thinking that all of the interesting, seedy-insider info woven into such earthy, transporting stories will be exhausted by the next time I pick up my new Westword and flip to Cafe first, but Sheehan keeps on satisfying.

Thanks for bashing the highbrow when it's warranted and never hesitating to dive in and enjoy the lowbrow. It's better there, anyway!

Mary Reid

The Show Must Go On

Exit, stage left: I am just writing to say that for the past two weeks, I have really missed Nate Stone's At the Show cartoon. I hope it has not been discontinued. At the Show and Jason Sheehan's food review are my favorites; I look forward to them every week.

Erica Ramsthaler

Editor's note: Nate's on an extended vacation with his wife, and he took At the Show along for the ride. It will return in the new year.

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