Letters to the Editor

Highway to Hell

Playing fast and loose: Luke Turf's too fast, too furious article ("Rocket Men," July 13) was as bad as anything I have read this summer -- exempting that piece of shit The Kite Runner, as it stands in a league of its own. Feel free at any point in the future to explain to your readers how this article gets the week's top billing. Is a law-abiding club with very expensive toys news? No.

Not to be a total asshole, but this article was irrelevant.

Chris Wals

Circle jerk: Please refrain from publishing anything else by Luke Turf. While his "Rocket Men" story was amusing for the first few paragraphs, his facts were about as straight as your average spiral -- which, by the way, is what you call a circle that wraps around itself. This "lifestyle" story tends to portray all "crotch rocketeers" as idiot lawbreakers who have no respect for the police or, indeed, themselves.

Please, I implore you, round-file the rest of his work, or send him to a writer's clinic, or something. I don't think many of the folks I know could willingly withstand another onslaught of his brand of journalism.

Jeramie Chlumsky

Rocket boys: As a year-round motorcyclist in my fourth summer of riding, I'm constantly amazed and disgusted to see how ignorant most people are about motorcycles. The idea that it's perfectly safe to throw a leg over a 1000cc or larger sportbike without years of experience is ludicrous, and just because someone pimps out his Hayabusa doesn't mean it's any less stupid to do so.

Within the first few paragraphs of the "Rocket Men" article, it became apparent that these riders are all SQUIDs: Stupid, Quick and Inevitably Dead. The kid did not look ahead, was not aware of what was around him and did not read traffic. He also had no idea how to ride a motorcycle, as evidenced by his "locking up" both wheels and his lack of protective gear. And on a Hayabusa that he bought six hours earlier? A bike that can accelerate nearly as fast as a Formula 1 race car? SQUID.

A 600cc sportbike can do zero to sixty in less than four seconds, and these pussy-hunting children who think they're "cool" for turning a throttle are the same ones who think a helmet will do them any good when worn with a T-shirt and shorts.

As for the general public, please understand that there is a difference between a true motorcyclist and just some yahoo with a bike, and know that the real bikers loathe SQUIDs weaving through traffic playing Zip 'N' Splat as much as everyone else.

Jon Schmitt

Thanks for the Memories

Cornering the market: While attending Young AmeriTowne for at least two summers, I was "forced" to wait for my mom to get off of work to pick me up at -- you guessed it -- Round the Corner. I loved that place. Sitting alone in the booth, waiting for that beautiful phone to buzz. Just wanted to share that story because Adam Cayton-Holland's July 20 What's So Funny brought back many memories.

I, too, am "round the corner" from the Tattered Cover now. They should tear down the drive-thru Starbucks, replace it with a Round the Corner, and we'd be set.

Hannah Davis

Meanwhile, back in Denver: Just wanted to thank Adam Cayton-Holland for consistently bringing me great memories of my Denver past. From his column about peeing boas at zoo camp and being a DJ at Young AmeriTowne camp, to his request for Chipotle deliveries to East Coast colleges devoid of good burritos, and now Round the Corner...all he has to do is throw in something about Saturday-morning skating lessons at DU and we'll officially have had the same exact upbringing.

Although I'm now living in SF, it is great to read his column once in a while to get back to my Denver roots. Keep up the good work.

Emily Dubin
San Francisco, California

It's the Wheel Thing

Riding in circles: From reading Jared Jacang Maher's "Cycle Killer," in the July 20 issue, the Derailer Bike Collective sounds like a godsend to the neighborhood. Where do things go from here?

Here are some questions I have: Why, if there is no charge, is it considered a business? Why is it considered a non-profit boarding house? What is the reason behind Derailer being ordered to cease-and-desist, really? Are there issues of safety? I would really like to know more about this group and perhaps the other side of the story.

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