Letters to the Editor

Ruffled Feathers

Bird-brained: As an animal-lover, I found Luke Turf's article about cockfighting very compelling ("Murder Most Fowl," September 14). It's something I had not really read anything about before, and I'm glad you have somewhat enlightened many Westword readers on the topic. What I did not find enlightening or necessary was the need to identify certain men in the article as "Mexican" -- repeatedly. We got it the first time, thanks.

What if Luke had been writing an article involving Jewish people or lesbians? Would he have referred to them as "the lesbian women" or "the Jewish men" in several instances? And then he even went on to describe Francisco Javier Reyes-Garcia's immigration and deportation status. What does this have to do with cockfighting? Why should the reader care? And why do we want to know that he wishes to remain in the country because his seventeen-year-old girlfriend is pregnant? Is that because you'd like us to know that all Mexican males get seventeen-year-olds pregnant? What does this have to do with the actual sport of cockfighting?

If Luke wants to write about Mexico and its tie to cockfighting, then he should do it. If he wanted to write an article about the cockfighting culture, then he should stick to the facts. I get that many Mexicans love the cockfight. However, his anti-Mexican side commentary was unnecessary.

Susan Knoll

Fowl bawl: The historical record shows that George Washington went to a cockfight when he was nineteen years old and left early. That doesn't make him a cockfighter.

Jamie Massey
Tucson, Arizona

Ban Female Drivers!

Prophet margins: In his September 14 Worst-Case Scenario, Kenny Be pokes fun at Rick O'Donnell's statement that he wants to make Colorado "the 'Saudi Arabia' of renewable energy."

I think Kenny fails to see how inspired Rick O'Donnell truly is. By making Colorado the "Saudi Arabia" of renewable energy, Mr. O'Donnell apparently hopes, among other things, to persuade the Colorado General Assembly to ban women from driving. Since women probably make up 50 percent of all Colorado drivers, this step would simultaneously eliminate traffic congestion, cut air pollution and significantly reduce Colorado's fuel consumption. Also, with the highways running free and clear, Colorado can reduce spending on new roads, thus making it easier to balance the budget.

Sadly, Kenny Be doesn't recognize the genius we have in Rick O'Donnell -- but then, prophets are rarely recognized in their own time.

Peter Gross

A Whole Latte Love

Coffee, to go: I just read Adam Cayton-Holland's What's So Funny? column on Starbucks in the September 14 issue and almost pissed myself. He is one of the funniest columnists I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for making me semi-incontinent.

Jaime Pierce

Bucking Starbucks: Listen, Adam, you need to stop being a drone and start being a human being. You live near Sixth and Broadway, so do yourself a favor and stop going to Starbucks. Head over to Buzz Cafe farther east on Sixth or find any number of better purveyors than the repetitive and ridiculous Starbucks.

There is a movement sweeping America known as artisanal coffee. It's led by people who demand a higher standard in their coffee and who have the actual ability to choose between corporate dreck and actual deliciousness. Get off the crack. Make a real educated choice and live like a human. Seriously. Otherwise, you just sort of sound pathetic.

Thanks for your column.

Frank Tsu

Cream of the crop: Get the Mocha Breve with half-and-half instead of milk, and it's infinitely better!

Brooke Rosener

The Chosen Juans

Tweet ride: Regarding Gustavo Arellano's Ask a Mexican, which debuted in the September 14 print edition:

Joven, you are off the hook, bro. The bridge you are providing for gabachos is not only great entertainment, but very necessary. You know your stuff. Excellent references to back up your claims or rebuttals. You keep it real, in a Mexican, self-deprecating style. The Chosen Juans? Brilliant.

Lastly, I'm not going to lie: For a pocho like me, your stuff is also very insightful. Tweety Bird? Who knew?

Tomas Yanez

The blame game: Bored at work, I came across Gustavo Arellano's Ask a Mexican. The whole issue of border control against immigrant Mexicans is a great distraction from our pointless war. I just can't believe people are gullible enough to react, and it's refreshing to see someone stand up for our rights. I was listening to the news yesterday, and I heard the new term for border control against Mexicans: "Operation Return to Sender." How disrespectful. How can anyone refer to such wonderful, beautiful people in that manner? I think American society forgets that this land was stolen and that Colorado was part of Mexico at one time. Maybe we as a country can work to rebuild our neighboring country instead of killing innocent people in a selfish war -- but what benefit would that be for those who profit off our soldiers dying?

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