Letters to the Editor

2006 in Review, December 28

The Devil and Mr. Jones

Honestly, you put Mike Jones, that meth prostitute, on Westword's final cover of the year? Certainly someone is more deserving! Have you no shame? Better yet, have you no taste?
Erik Erikson

Whoa, baby, what a year! Alan Prendergast's writing on 2006 in Review was masterful, and the cover photo of Mike Jones was brilliant. All in all, the issue was an excellent wrap-up -- and great reading during the blizzard. Thanks for keeping me entertained last week, and all year long.
Casey Pryor

Patricia Calhoun, you are correct in your assertion that Colorado has plenty for which to apologize, and we can start with Westword. Your rag needs to get a grasp on proper English usage as well as your choice of persons who grace your cover. I have met Mike Jones and found him to be a bit vacuous, and I feel he is nothing but a whore.

You, Patty, on the other hand, are nothing but a journalistic slut. You feel you may have gotten fucked by Mr. Jones by his passing on your rag as the conduit for his tell-all, titillating story, but let me call it what it actually is: You got hustled. Again!
Roger White


"Better Red," Rob Nelson, December 28

Coming Back at You

Actually, you assholes, "volver" is the infinitive form of the verb "return," which means that it translates as "to return" -- not, as you say in your review of the movie of that name, "coming back."

I have read several reviews of this movie, and yours is the first to translate this relatively simple verb incorrectly. I don't know if you assume your readers are too dumb to grab onto the significance of the word "return" as it relates to this movie, or if you're too dumb to check your copy of a Spanish-English dictionary before making uninformed pronouncements, but either way, it's offensive.

Keep up the shit work.
Jef Otte

Patricia Calhoun responds: The press kit for Volver includes this "Confession" from writer/director Pedro Almodóvar: "'Volver' (Coming Back) is a title that includes several kinds of coming back for me. I have come back, a bit more, to comedy. I have come back to the female world...I have come back to maternity, as the origin of life and of fiction. And naturally, I have come back to my mother. Coming back to La Mancha is always to come back to the maternal breast." There's more, but you get the idea.

"The Year That Was," Jason Sheehan, December 28

Bland Ambition

In his year-end wrap-up, Jason Sheehan did something that I didn't think was possible: He was boring. I expect him to be outrageous, opinionated and entertaining -- even when I disagree with him. But dull? That was a new one.

We have plenty of other outlets in town for that, thank you. I'll take the disagreeable old Jason over the bland new one any day.
Heather Rees

Thank you, Paull Kupler and Josh Lohmer, for your letters in the December 7 issue. You said what I've wanted to say about Jason Sheehan for a long time. Is he paid by the word, or what? And the language he uses isn't cute or funny, it's disgusting. I don't think it's necessary to ramble on for two pages about something no one cares about. We just want the facts: menu, prices, etc. And get off the Asian kick; we've heard about Asian food forever.

If I were Jason, I'd go back to Rochester and work in a Pizza Hut.
Name withheld on request

"Countdown," Patricia Calhoun, December 21

The Blame Game

I know why Patricia Calhoun is so hot for a special vote in Denver on January 30: No matter which way voters go, the media would come out the winner, because there are certain to be so many problems to report on. If Denver couldn't handle an election in November with months to plan for it, what makes her think the city can handle an election just a few weeks away?
Jay Adams

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