Marijuana Strain Review: Black Jack at Ballpark Holistic

When I first heard about the Ballpark Holistic Dispensary, I envisioned puffing a fatty on a summer day as I gallivanted around Coors Field in an unbuttoned Larry Walker jersey. Though public-consumption laws and respect for your eyes prevent me from living out such freedom, Ballpark Holistic, at 2119 Larimer Street, is definitely a welcome sight.

Thanks to the shop’s location, you might never be the only customer in Ballpark Holistic — which sucks if you’re indecisive. Ballpark had at least fifteen strains when I stopped in. The tangy Tangerine Haze and sparkling White Rhino smelled fantastic and would’ve gone in my juicer if I’d had more cash on me. But instead, I went with a gram of the buff-looking Black Jack for $14.54 after tax.

A child of indica Black Domina and sativa Jack Herer, Black Jack is a hybrid known for dense buds laden with bright-orange hairs, and Ballpark’s was no exception. The gram came in two beautifully compact nugs, which I rarely receive when buying such a small amount. The bland smell of the bottle didn’t quite match the invigorating, fruity stank of the display jar, but pinching one of the firm nugs released the sweet, dirty smells of cherries, soil and mint that I was waiting for.

Taking a few drags on a joint before I actually lit up showed off more creamy fruit flavors that took me back to middle school, when I used to smuggle Fruit Stripe gum with that zebra logo. The smoke gave me the initial heady high that I expected from the Jack Herer genetics, but I was able to maintain enough focus to finish cooking an entree and two sides for a successfully warm dinner — a task I usually fail when sober. The high eventually crept its way down my body — after I finished cleaning up, luckily — but my focus didn’t stray much. Even with its sativa effects, Black Jack’s potent high was followed by an inevitable comedown and a state of heavy relaxation.

The high THC content and euphoric buzz of this strain would be great for almost any nighttime sesh, and anxiety, stress or minor aches would run into a buzz saw after a bowl or two. Most people think of baseball when they hear the word “ballpark,” but Black Jack will be the game on my mind from now on.

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