Marijuana Strain Review: Light of Jah at Native Roots

My experiences at chain dispensaries over the past few months have me worried about the quality of cannabis in Colorado. Yes, you can legally buy an ounce on almost any block in the city — but if that store has several other locations, that ounce may not be top-notch.

I’d always heard nice things from smokers and growers alike about Native Roots, but since it has nine locations and counting, my expectations were mixed when I stopped by the latest spot, at 2645 South Santa Fe Drive. This Native Roots store had only a handful of strains available, in three different tiers. After smelling all of them, the tiers didn’t make much sense: The top-shelf Lemon Skunk paled in comparison to the “lowly” Blueberry Diesel, and a mid-level strain smelled best of all. Light of Jah, a hybrid I’d been lusting after for a while now, stole my heart the moment its funky sandalwood fumes hit me. I paid a little over $15 for the mid-shelf gram and hurried home.

Because I stupidly thought Light of Jah and Jah Kush were the same strain (and the budtender didn’t tell me otherwise), I was a bit disappointed to later learn that Light of Jah is actually Jack Herer under a different name. Then, realizing that this was the first time I’d ever been upset about buying some Jack, I stopped my whining and began breaking it up.

The dense, lime-green buds sure looked like Jack, and the peach hairs and amber trichomes filled the bill as well. Lovely, intense aromas of chocolate, pine and beechwood jumped around my brain as I rolled a blunt (unflavored, of course), giddy over what the famous hybrid would taste like. Even unflavored, empty cigarillos can overpower the flavor of weak pot, but luckily, the Light of Jah shone through. Smooth hits of pine, soil and eventual bliss made the sesh potent and satisfying.

Light of Jah, Jack Herer — it doesn’t matter what name it goes by: This sativa-dominant strain made my evening and the following morning extremely enjoyable. The smoke is versatile, too: I watched a movie uninterrupted by anxiety for two hours after my initial blunt, and a morning bowl before the gym had me focused and jumping around like a twelve-year-old. Although $15 is about the max I’d like to pay for a gram, the Light of Jah at Native Roots deserves the spotlight.

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