Martha Stewart glass table explodes, and not for the first time (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Martha Stewart drew blood on Father's Day. Or at least a glass patio tables marketed under the Martha Stewart Living brand did.

According to Arvada's Nancy Passarella, she and her family were sitting down for a meal when the table shattered for no particular reason -- and they got photos of the aftermath.

According to Fox31, this incident isn't as unusual as it might seem. Back in 2005, hundreds of people complained about exploding Martha Stewart tables and a class-action lawsuit was filed, with the Consumer Products Safety Commission issuing an order the following year that the tables be redesigned.

The company issued the following statement to Fox31; it references Kmart, where the tables are widely sold.

"We take product safety very seriously. We provide the aesthetic design for beautiful products. Because we do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products, we require all of our vendor partners to adopt and comply with product safety programs and reviews. If customers have any questions about these particular tables, they should contact Kmart customer relations at 866-562-7848."

Given that the table was several years old, Passarella may be out of luck in terms of a replacement -- although the post-explosion pics featuring wounds from flying glass could change that equation. Look below to see those photos, as well as the original Fox31 report.


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.