Med. marijuana 3rd-party testing okay despite Full Spectrum's shutdown, says CannLabs

Earlier this month, we reported that medical marijuana testing facility Full Spectrum Labs had shut down until the state can promulgate a specific MMJ research license. But CannLabs, which also does cannabis testing, is still open for business, and co-owner Genifer Murray is confident current licenses are more than adequate to cover its operations.

The difference between Full Spectrum, which was raided by the DEA back in 2010, and CannLabs is that "from the start, CannLabs was always a third-party testing company," Murray maintains. "We have never owned any other license having to do with growing or dispensing. We've always been interested in the science and being able to dose properly."

This distinction is important, Murray says. "It's my understanding that the research license is going to be tied to a grow, so you'll be able to have your own warehouse. That way, you'll have enough product to do the research, and you'll have to have cameras set up, etc. But that license will not allow third-party testing, and that's what we do."

And because "we deal with such a small amount of product," she continues, "we're able to use what's available now -- a vendor or occupational license, like the kind used by electricians or any other ancillary business."

CannLabs is in the process of obtaining all the proper paperwork. Meanwhile, Murray wants to get the word out that testing is not only safe for businesses, but important -- "especially for edible companies," she says. "They need to test more than any other part of the medical marijuana business, because they're dealing with a dosage. You're dealing with dosages when smoking, too, but if edible companies don't test their products, they don't really know about the specific dosage. If it says ten milligrams, well, ten milligrams of what? Is it ten milligrams of butter? Ten milligrams of 90 percent hash oil? Ten milligrams of lower strength hash oil? That's why edible companies need to test whatever they're going to make their product out of and then make the necessary calculations for serving size."

As for licensing, Murray stresses that for her kind of company, "there is no gray area."

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