Medical marijuana edible review: Phat Daddyz has some potent balls

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What's Phat Daddyz Super Baked Pop? A surprising little frosting-coated brownie on a stick.

I had no intention of reviewing this treat or even buying it. But it has gone in the books as one of the more potent edibles I've reviewed so far. Plus, it's got one of the best logos to date (granted, my inner Buddhist may be a little biased).

I almost overlooked these treats when I stopped by a nearby dispensary the other week to load up on goodies. As I was checking out, the cashier gave me the fast talk about them.

True, I was stoned and not paying complete attention. But she threw the Pop in with my purchase and charged me for it. I didn't realize what had happened until I was back in the car and well on my way home.

I was pissed at first, feeling a bit ripped off -- until l I decided to eat up the treat right before my other job. I won't say where that job is, but let's just say the holiday season tends to bring everyone to this establishment in a rather disgusting example of capitalism gone amok. Watching people running around grabbing items they probably don't need like the world is coming to an end can be a real downer.

I ate the Pop, figuring that, if anything, it would give me a nice little body high to relieve the tension of the workday. My plan worked too well. About an hour into my shift, I had one of those magic stoner moments of realization: I was high as a kite on a windy day in Leadville.

Sometimes getting rocked so unexpectedly can be a bad thing. But this was quiet, wonderful and enjoyable -- a very intense body high that allowed me to perform necessary actions but gave me a feeling of relaxation and no physical pain, which was ideal for my active job. The mental high was apparent but not overpowering. I could think clearly, but I still felt the haze of medication behind my slightly squinted eyes.

My eight-hour shift went by in what felt like three hours, and I was still stoned an hour later when going to bed, falling asleep easily and comfortably.

This little pop truly surprised. Not only was it potent, but it was delicious. The brownie was moist and would have been luscious warm. Phat Daddyz products range from $5-$20. The Super Baked Pop reviewed was $10, and definitely worth it.

Sensi Skywalker is the pot pen name chosen by our medical marijuana intern. Read more from her in our marijuana blog, Mile Highs and Lows, and keep up with all your pot news over at The Latest Word.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.