Medical marijuana edibles review: BAKKED's Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat offers not-high time

Staring at a package with a BAKKED Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat inside is enough to make one's mouth water. Then finding out that that treat apparently has a relatively high of THC packed inside? Talk about a happy little med patient -- unless of course all that cannabis fails to live up to its high potency.

BAKKED Premium Medicated Products, a Colorado-born edible company, specializes in the production of snacks loaded with cannabis. From pops to bars, brownies to truffles, even a Wake and Bake Vegetarian Burrito and vegan green chili, BAKKED seems to have a fat menu for anyone looking to munch on something medicated.

The Rice Crispy Treat is infused with about 85 mg, or so the packaging says. Bakked also recommends that 20-30 mg is one dose, but knowing that my years of smoking has increased my tolerance, I decided to start with a little over half the crispy bar during lunch.

The best treats in this category are gooey and sticky, so the extreme crunchiness of the one I brought home was a bit of a turn-off. But the way the tongue-seducing taste of marijuana mixed with the surprisingly rich chocolate made it one delightful treat for my taste buds. Unfortunately, though, that's where the appeal ended.

Two-and-a-half-hours later, I felt almost like I did before eating the treat, with only a slight body buzz and mild head high. Wanting to get my money's worth, I did what any sensible stoner would do and devoured the rest. After a half-hour, there were still no real medicating effects to speak of, so gave up and lit up a doobie. Overall, it wasn't what I expected (I hoped to get high as hell).

Apart from the overly crunchy texture, this bar was on par with the quality you'd find at a streetside sandwich cart during your lunch hour. But when a medical marijuana patient buys an edible, the taste usually comes second to the ability of the treat to actually work. Maybe the chunk I took home was light on the THC or perhaps the company perfected the concentration in another one of their many products. But after my experience, I wouldn't recommend the BAKKED Chocolate Rice Crispy Bar for getting baked.

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Sensi Skywalker