Medical marijuana edibles review: Edi-Pure offers THC-twist on classic treats

Edi-Pure has infused classic treats and sweets with the soothing medicine of cannabis, allowing patients to escalate in relief with taste buds begging for more of their delicious and discrete morsels. This week, I dipped back into my childhood of nabbing a few candies from the local candy store with the Watermelon Tarts.

The treats look exactly like the sour drops found in candy stores, but with an adult-dose of 10 mg of THC per tart. The ten tarts in a package are little tidbits begging to be eaten. But be warned: They pack a punch, and one package could be stretched into three to five different highs.

My first time dosing with the Watermelon Tarts was with three treats. I half expected to find a magical golden ticket to some secret room of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory inside, although I also figured I could eat enough of them and get there on my own.

The sweet yet sour flavor is the same as the sour watermelon treats stolen from candy dispensers during younger years, paired with a light, earthy-ganja flavor that is barely noticeable in taste and works perfectly with the watermelon freshness and sour sting of the tart.

Even though the treats are over in a few bites, the cannabis makes a complete return not even an hour later, leaving the body in a solid state of relaxation, coziness and ease off just three of the little sugar globs. How they pack so much punch into such a little thing is baffling to me.

Edi-pure snacks range from $8-$14 depending on potency and the treat itself. Besides the tarts, there are also fruit jellies, crackers, peanut butter sandwich cookies and other treats suspiciously similar to goodies made by Hostess.

The Watermelon Tarts offer a great and effective high with the bonus of discrete convenience, allowing patients to medicate practically anywhere in just a few bites. The only problem is trying not to eat everything in the packaging after you've taken the first bite.

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Sensi Skywalker