Medical marijuana edibles: Simply Pure cup's med power vs. lack of taste

The chefs over at Simply Pure may have created the ultimate Peanut Butter & Jelly Cup in theory, with cannabis and fruit jelly being the key ingredients. In my head, it's the perfect combination. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case when I brought some home the other week for a review.

Even though the name alone makes the mouth water, the taste was the worst part for me. The cup hadn't expired, but the chocolate had an unexpectedly bitter taste so overwhelming that I almost didn't want to swallow it.

Thankfully the treat was the size your standard Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and was gone in a few bites.

Now, I'm open to the possibility that my cup may have suffered some extremely hot or cold conditions in its packaged life, possibly altering the taste of the chocolate. And taste aside, the indica influence provided perfect medical relief, leaving my body pain free and utterly relaxed. I nearly always take more than the recommended dosages, but after three hours, this little cup had me knocked on my ass, leaving me passed out for over two of them. When I finally woke up, I was left with a heavy daze and grumbly stomach, both of which were easily cured with some munchies.

So what the Peanut Butter & Jelly Cup lacked in taste, it completely made up for in medical power and potency. Although this wasn't the best edible experience, I will definitely be trying out some of Simply Pure's more elaborate kitchen essential products, like their marinara, mango salsa, peanut butter, green chilies, apple butter and other sweet treats.

The peanut butter cups sell for around $10 at various shops around Colorado. Other treats from Simply Pure can range a bit higher, but I'm willing to dish out the dough for a buzz like that -- even if the flavor was mediocre.

Sensi Skywalker is the pot pen name for our medical marijuana intern. Read more in our Marijuana archive.

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