Medical marijuana: One Love benefit for Jason Beinor raises funds, hackles

Tonight, Hayter's & Co., at 1920 Blake Street, will host One Love, a benefit for the legal fund of Jason Beinor, a medical marijuana patient whose firing is at the center of a case activists hope will reach the Colorado Supreme Court. The name of the bash frosts Timothy Tipton, who's hosted events under a similar umbrella term for years. But a sponsor downplays the conflict and focuses on the stakeholders united behind the cause.

"This is the only time in the history of the medical marijuana movement in Colorado where industry groups and patient-advocacy groups have come together in support of an important issue such as this," says Rico Colibri, the man behind a nonprofit known as Cannabis Alliance for Regulation and Education. CARE is helping to put on the event in conjunction with the Cannabis Business Association and the Association of Cannabis Trades for Colorado; Westword is among the media partners, and is offering a $5-off coupon toward the $10 suggested donation for admission.

Colibri's argument doesn't appear to have persuaded Tipton, who sees the event's industry connection as antithetical to the spirit of the gatherings he's arranged under "One Love, People Get Ready," a handle he told us he'd used for "six, almost seven years" in a May 2010 interview. He acknowledged that he has no trademark or copyright on the phrase, which combines song titles associated with Bob Marley and Curtis Mayfield. But he still feels wronged -- a message Colibri says he transmitted in "some pretty unpleasant letters to some of the organizers."

For his part, Colibri stresses that no offense was intended. The name was chosen by Kristi Kelly, a CBA boardmember who had no knowledge that "One Love" was affiliated with another local marijuana-related event. Besides, Colibri points out that Tipton's gatherings are more commonly known as Caregiver's Cups. Indeed, Colibri is a two-time winner at past Cups, and he says the phrase "One Love" doesn't appear on either of his awards.

Be that as it may, Colibri thinks everyone in the local medical marijuana community should get behind Beinor -- and he sees tonight's gathering as the perfect opportunity to do so.

What's the case about?

Page down to get more information about the Beinor case and to see a poster about tonight's event.
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