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Monty Turner to Get 36 Years for Kidnapping and More in Custody Dispute From Hell

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Last year, we told you about the shocking extremes to which Monty Turner went amid a custody dispute over his three-year-old son, Luke -- actions that included allegedly assaulting Luke's mom, Brandy, and fleeing with the boy to Canada.

The case seemed bound for trial, but such proceedings are off owing to Turner accepting a plea deal that will likely conclude with a three-decades-plus sentence. Photos, videos and details below.

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As we've reported, the June 2013 events weren't the first in which Monty attracted unwanted attention in relation to young Luke.

In July 2012, as pointed out by the Longmont Times-Call, he and the boy didn't return as planned from a camping trip, prompting Brandy to call in the authorities. They ultimately tracked the pair to Washington County, where officers found them "hiding under carpeting in a box truck," the paper reported.

Monty wasn't accused of a crime for his actions, because he and Brandy didn't have a custody agreement. Afterward, though, she was granted guardianship over the boy, and a judge approved a protection order that required him to stay away from mother and son.

The order apparently worked for a while -- but not permanently.

On May 25 of last year, Brandy reportedly stepped into her backyard to smoke a cigarette and found Monty there. She reacted by racing back into the house, locking the door and trying to call 911. But he allegedly forced his way inside, threw the phone away, attacked her with pepper spray and a stun gun and then spirited Luke away -- on a bicycle.

Monty and Luke subsequently disappeared. But early on, police believed father and son got away with assistance from Monty's father, 72-year-old Ronald Turner.

Ronald was subsequently arrested in Missouri, although he insisted his son had deceived him in regard to his plans.

Meanwhile, an intensive search was launched for Monty and Luke. They were found days later a long ways from home: a motel in Manitoba, Canada.

Luke was unharmed and was able to join a clearly overjoyed Brandy at a news conference. Here's a CBS4 report about that:

Meanwhile, Monty was jailed on a $500,000 bond, while Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett determined the appropriate charges. And he came up with a slew of them.

Continue for more about the Monty Turner plea agreement, including photos and another video. The laundry list of allegations included one count of second-degree kidnapping, three first-degree and second-degree burglary charges (because he's said to have broken into Brandy's house when she tried to lock him out), one count related to violating the protection order, three custody-violation beefs and domestic violence for the alleged stun-gun use.

And those are just the felonies. The misdemeanor roster featured third-degree assault, plus another count connected to the protection order and obstruction of a telephone, due to the way he allegedly tried to prevent her from calling the cops.

In the end, however, prosecutors allowed Turner to plead to a reduced number of allegations. The Times-Call puts the total at four: second-degree kidnapping, felony menacing, use of a stun gun and violation of custody.

The plea agreement calls for Turner to spend 36 years behind bars -- and despite his claims of innocence, Ronald Turner was convicted of playing an active role in the crimes. His sentence: 27 years.

In addition, the Times-Call reveals that Monty has been ordered to have no contact with either Brandy or Luke -- but if someday the boy would like to meet the man who spirited him across the country when he was a toddler, he can petition the court to let him do so.

Look below to see Turner's 2013 mug shot, followed by the complete 2013 news conference featuring Brandy and Luke, courtesy of CBS4.

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