Newhouse Hotel reportedly sex offender central & conveniently located opposite Capitol

The most recent sweeps period, when ratings determine TV ad rates, ended in May -- but last night, 9News unleashed a blockbuster anyhow.

The station reports that the Newhouse Hotel, across the street from the State Capitol, is the registered home of no fewer than eleven sex offenders.

Why such a high concentration of folks with convictions for crimes such as forced oral copulation involving a weapon? One source-- Chris Lobanov-Rostovsky, a program manager for the Division of Criminal Justice Sex Offender Management Board -- suggests that the state may have subsidized housing at the hotel for just-released sex offenders. But if such a plan exists, neither hotel reps nor nearby residents seem to have heard anything about it.

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Yes, we all know the area has a seedy reputation. But it's also a magnet for tourist families and school kids on field trips -- and with Governor John Hickenlooper so focused on tourism, he can't be pleased with the thought that out-of-towners may now think twice about checking out the golden dome. Here's 9News' report:

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