Yes, this Modern Drunkard slide show proves it: Our city was obsessed with the wrong convention.

Over the Weekend: Modern Drunkards (and other assorted drunkards) do Denver

What you missed this weekend while you were frantically searching for Bristol Palin's facebook page:

Friday brought late-breaking news both ironic and sad: The Latest Word reported that Shepard Fairey, the artist behind Barack Obama's iconic "Hope" posters, was arrested during the DNC. And art critic Michael Paglia broke the news of the death of Colorado painter Dale Chisman.

On Saturday, clubs editor Jon Solomon bravely infiltrated the Modern Drunkard convention and was shocked to learn that it was actually separate from the DNC. Which is strange, because both are useless exercises run by drunks and degenerates. Solomon captured the drunks in their native habitat (at a bar) in this Modern Drunkards Convention 2008 slide show.

And on Sunday, Aaron Thackeray, pious fellow that he is, went to the Church nightclub for a party that was supposed to feature Dave Navarro and DJ Skribble but instead featured strippers imported from Shotgun Willie's. A solid trade, indeed. The images from his obviously religious experience are in this Westword.com slide show. -- Joe Tone

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