Peter Smith, glitter bomber, bombs out with inept attempt on Mitt Romney

Is Mitt Romney the anti-Christ? Are his politics unbearably loathsome? Is his hair too perfect? The answers to those questions depend on your own point of view. But no matter what you believe, throwing glitter on someone is pretty much never the right way to express your feelings -- unless you are a six-year-old girl at a birthday party.

Left-leaning activists around the country have been using the technique on Republican politicians recently as a way to bring attention to their causes. But basically, glitter bombing is completely stupid -- and dangerous.

But if you are going to glitter bomb a politician -- and face the consequences of getting arrested and losing your job -- at least try to get the fucking glitter on your target.

That was too much to ask of twenty-year-old would-be glitter bomber Peter Smith, who ineptly tried to hit Romney with a bunch of blue glitter on Tuesday (as you can see from the two videos below) while the Republican presidential candidate was in Denver for the Colorado caucuses.

Smith was only about a foot or two away -- and he still missed.

A student at CU-Denver who had been serving as an unpaid intern for the state senate, he was promptly taken down by security, arrested and then fired from his gig. He faces charges of creating a disturbance and throwing a missile.

"I am not sorry that this has caused some publicity and embarrassment for him; no not at all," Smith told CBS4. "The people of Colorado are not going to stand by and watch the country be turned over into the hands of Mitt Romney."

Apparently, we do have to stand by and watch you pour glitter on the floor, though.

Check out his aim, or lack thereof, here.

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