Photos: 4/20 in Colorado Memes, 2015 Edition | Westword

Photos: 4/20 in Colorado Memes, 2015 Edition

You may have heard that it's 4/20 in Colorado. All day, in fact. That didn't stop people from celebrating the date early, as our coverage of events such as this year's Civic Center rally and the latest High Times Cannabis Cup demonstrates. And the meme-makers of America have also been...
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Although today, as you know, is 4/20, events at Civic Center Park over the weekend, including a concert by Rick Ross, attracted thousands — and prompted the Denver Police Department to issue approximately 160 citations, mostly for public consumption.

And the public did indeed consume, as our 2015 smokeout slideshow demonstrates.

The meme-makers of America have also been busy.

Below, check out a gallery of images that act as a cross between Colorado and 4/20.

It's a hybrid we hope you enjoy. Check them out below.

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