Photos: Alonzo Ashley anniversary vigil and anti-police-brutality rally

Update below: Last night, the Colorado Progressive Coalition hosted a community potluck and vigil in memory of Alonzo Ashley, who died one year ago during an incident involving police and security at the Denver Zoo. Ashley's family and activists demanded a stop to police brutality in Denver, and attendees released tiger-striped balloons in remembrance of Ashley, whose nickname was "Tiger." Click through for photos of last night's events.

In the meantime, Ashley's family has filed a lawsuit on his behalf against the City of Denver, alleging that his death could have been avoided had officers acted differently. In the suit, they also reference the toll that night took on his relatives.

"It is a tragedy that there ever needs to be a vigil for anyone killed by another, much less those charged with protecting our citizens," William Frankfurt, the Ashley family's lawyer, said in a statement. "However, this type of vigil has become commonplace in our community. (Ashley's mom, Gail Waters), along with all of Alonzo's friends and family, continue to mourn his untimely, premature passing. We take our pursuit of justice in this and every matter like it very seriously and look forward to enacting change in policies that will benefit our community."

The city attorney's office also released a statement, which confirms its stance that staff and police handled the incident correctly and reaches out to Ashley's family: "We extend our continued sympathies to Alonzo Ashley's family and loved ones on the anniversary of his death."

Update, 2 p.m.: Daelene Mix, director of communications at the Office of the Manager of Safety, asked Westword to include a PDF version of the office's January statement regarding the July 2011 event at the Denver Zoo. The entire 38-page document is available below: Public Statement - Ashley - 1-27-12

Photos from the event are courtesy of the Colorado Progressive Coalition.

Click through for more photos from the event.
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