Photos: Five Incredible (and Demolished) Colorado Urban Explorer Sites

Last year, we showcased demolished Colorado urban explorer sites as featured on the website


. But that post barely scratched the surface of photos and information about dearly departed local landmarks captured just ahead of the wrecking ball. We've assembled pics and uer.ca text from five more places: a graffiti-tastic water tank in Morrison, Englewood's Cinderella Twin Drive-In, Loveland's Cloverleaf Kennel Club, a Brighton location known as "The Orphanage," and the old Crossroads Mall in Boulder. Check them out below.

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Morrison Water Tank Note: Photos by Kari Johnson

Address Near 10359 W. Nassau Ave. Morrison, Colorado United States Owner: Lakehurst Water & Sanitation District

Type: Building Status: Demolished Accessibility: It's too late! Recommendation:forget it Last update: 2010 Continue to see more incredible (and demolished) Colorado urban explorer sites. Cinderella Twin Drive-In Address 3400 S. Platte River Drive Sheridan, Colorado United States Type: Outdoors, Movie Drive In Status: Demolished Accessibility: Easy, Drive up and take a look around Recommendation: forget it -- demolished Closed permanently sometime in 2008 and demolished shortly thereafter. Last update: 2008 Continue to see more incredible (and demolished) Colorado urban explorer sites. Cloverleaf Kennel Club Address 2527 W Frontage Road Loveland, Colorado United States Owner: Poudre Valley Health System Type: Building Status: Demolished Accessibility: Moderate Recommendation: worth the trip Well, it's a dog track, so it rocks. The scoreboard is in pretty sad shape, but the inside is great. If you've ever wanted to get into a VIP lounge, here's your change. There's dog kennels, an attached house/apartment (care-taker's house?), etc. There's a lot to see.... This used to be a greyhound racing track back in the days. It has also been used as a police training facility, so don't be surprised if you see bullet casings or taser barbs. Built: 1957 Closed: 2008 Last update: 2013 Continue to see more incredible (and demolished) Colorado urban explorer sites. The Orphanage Address 16200 E 144th Ave (approximate) Brighton, Colorado United States Owner: RH VI LLC Type: Building Status: Abandoned Accessibility: Easy Recommendation: check it out if you're nearby The property is a cluster of about seven buildings, one fallen over. Main building has a main floor and a basement. One of the smaller buildings looks to have been a type of infirmary at some point. Main building has been devastated by scrappers, but the building still stands. Makes for a good first/easy exploration.

Murals in several rooms upstairs, evidence of the place's past in the basement.

Last update: 2011 Continue to see more incredible (and demolished) Colorado urban explorer sites. Crossroads Mall Address 30th & Arapahoe Boulder, Colorado United States Owner: Macerich Company Type: Building Status: Demolished Accessibility: You'd Have to find it first, it's gone. Recommendation: forget it Interesting for its incredible size (63 acres, 929,000 sq ft indoors). Almost a kilometer in length. Essentially your typical full-size mall that has become completely abandoned. Some light graffiti, but for the most part stands untouched as a monument to a massive commercial failure. The Mall was gradually abandoned from 1995-2004, from the South end on up. It was fun to explore this mall in 2004, as a stroll from north to south was like walking along a timeline of abandonment. Takes a tremendous amount of time to explore the whole thing due to its size. Especially if you want to check out every little store. Reminiscent of the "Blues Brothers" abandoned mall. Last update: 2005

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