Photos: JaVale McGee memes continue idiot theme after he signs $44M Nuggets contract

The hilarious NBA Memes page has made the Denver Nuggets' JaVale McGee a star by consistently portraying him as a total moron. The Deadspin feature "That's So JaVale" does pretty much the same thing, and given the moment last season when he threw the game ball into the stands on national TV, the site seldom lacks material. So what do these critics have to say about McGee's new four-year, $44 million contract with the Nugs? This, for one thing: But old themes don't die easily. If McGee can continue the growth he showed during certain games with the Nugs, including a spectacular performance in a playoffs game against the L.A. Lakers, and stop making foolish mistakes, such as repeatedly goaltending, he may silence the yuksters. Until then, however, they continue to use him as a punchline, as indicated by the post-signing NBA memes on view below: Page down to see more NBA memes reaction to JaVale McGee's $44 million contract.

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