Photos: Police brutality march inspired by Kevin Ryberg, Amelia Nicol

Approximately fifty people gathered last night at La Alma Park to protest against police aggression. This is the latest in a string of anti-brutality rallies in recent months, though this march focused predominantly on the death of Kevin Ryberg, who was shot by police while in custody on July 31, and on political activist Amelia Nicol, who faced trial yesterday after months in prison.

Eric Verlo, a member of Occupy Colorado Springs, said the group organized the event to show solidarity and prove that citizens are not intimidated by the police.

"When you've got a police department like this that acts very heavy-handed, it deters a lot of people," Verlo said. "It scares a lot of people away. So it's about showing that we're not afraid and other people shouldn't be."

Protesters carried signs remarking on police corruption, greed and the Occupy Wall Street movement. The rally began on 13th and Mariposa and ended at Civic Center Park, where the protesters dispersed. Police officers followed the march on bicycles, while other officers wearing riot gear surrounded the area in squad cars. According to the Denver Police Department, officers arrested three protesters for misdemeanor jaywalking charges during the event. Continue for more photos. Continue for more photos. Continue for more photos. More from our Politics archive: "Occupy Denver's May Day protest ends with three arrests for obstruction, public fighting."

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