Photos: Ten best cities for gamers -- and Denver's score

It's two, two, two lists in one.

Our friends at recently compiled their roster of the ten best cities for gamers, and as is often the case in rankings like these, Denver finished very near the top. Bonus: To illustrate the selections (and text from Movoto explaining its methodology), we feature images from the ten best-selling video games of 2013 so as calculated by CNBC. It's a double countdown -- so better press play!

Number 10: San Jose, California
How'd We Do It (Part 1)

Before we could celebrate saving the princess, we first needed an idea of what makes a city great for video gamers. It turns out that this question is harder to answer than trying to take down Onyxia in Vanilla WoW. (Freaking whelps!)

Why? The definition of a "gamer" is all over the place. There are casual gamers, hardcore gamers, PC and console gamers, and, lest you forget, smartphone-tapping gamers.

In fact, a recent study found that 211 million people in the United States play some type of video games.

Number 9: Kansas City, Missouri
How'd We Do It (Part 2)

With this in mind, we decided to include everyone in our definition, and then brainstormed the types of things people need to have a good gaming experience. This led us to these five categories:

• Arcades per person • Internet service providers per person • Game stores per person • A city's demographics • Membership in the Entertainment Consumers Association

Like our previous analyses of cities, we ranked each cosmo and then took the average score of our five criteria.
Continue counting down the ten best cities for gamers -- and the ten best-selling video games of 2013 so far.
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