Photos: Ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring Has Sprung edition

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Number 8: Game on BBW -- m4w -- 45 (DTC) I realized yesterday that you come to my neighbors house each week for group game. I saw what I've been looking for on Craigslist. but was too shy to speak on it. Oh well, I'll continue to follow the missed connects here. You probably have better things to do then cruise CL's lonely hearts column. If the stars are aligned, and my karma is ready to pay-up, and you see this post, make my heart skip another beat as it did yesterday, I'll know it's you for sure if you can tell me.... What was the group game you guys played last night. The Gardener Number 7: Thrifty love Great Voice in ARC on Broadway -- m4w -- 32 (Denver-Broadway ARC) You were so cute in ARC on South Broadway. First, you made a comment to me about a pair of jeans I held up to myself. At first I was imbaressed that I even tried them against me. Your comment was so cute and innocent I will never wear (bedazzled jeans). My buddy that was with me, got a kick out of it too. We both left and spoke about you and I wondered if I would ever see you again. So I returned again the next day and BAMMMMMM there you were, searching through the kitchen gadgets and singing along to the oldies station. You seemed to not have a care in the world and you smiled as you sang to an oldies song. I was going to try and talk to you but I got too nervous. I wish I had as you are very attractive, ok.....super cute, probably my age, hopefully single as I noticed you didn't have a ring on your finger.( That in itself surprised me. Would you like to go grab a cocktail sometime? If you see this, I hope you respond. If not, I guess I will have to keep going back to see if you return to ARC.

If you recognize this post please tell me what style hair you had, not many women have such cute hair and I LOVED your flower in your hair. Keep smiling pretty girl and I hope you see this.

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