Prostitute price guide: How far does money go when you go all the way? (INFOGRAPHIC)

The document allegedly linking Denver

mayor-elect Michael Hancock

to the

Denver Players prostitution ring

listed the cost for one session as $275. Which got us to wondering: What services would that buy? And what would you get if you played less... or more?

To answer those questions, we turned to investigative cartoonist Kenny Be, who has assembled a handy price guide, complete with a look at sample ladies and their various specialties. Page down to see how happy your ending can be depending on what's in your wallet.

Click above to download your very own fold-out guide! (PDF) Next page: $50 and $100 hookers. Next page: $200 and $400 hookers.

Click to see a fold-out version of our Little Black Book of Mile High Hookers.

More from our Kenny Be/Comics archive: "Denver Animal Shelter now has state-of-the-art facility: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario."

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