PT's Dancer TeJae Se'Rae Cannon Stabbed by Another Stripper Who's Still at Large

PT's Showclub, at 1601 West Evans Avenue, is a historic venue — the former home of The Family Dog, a rock-and-roll venue that played host to late '60s-early '70s legends such as the Doors and the Grateful Dead before being transformed into one of the city's longest lasting exotic-dancing joints.

But earlier this year, the business was the site of a SWAT team raid.

And now, police are looking for a stripper who stabbed fellow dancer TeJae Se'Rae Cannon outside the club.

Here's the description of the business from its website:

The world-famous PT's Showclub, 1601 the house of fun, has been wowing crowds for over 30 years. A longtime Denver strip club tradition, PT's has been named Exotic Dancer Magazine's Gentlemen's Club of the Year!

PT's Showclub is the perfect place to go wild! We stay open until 4 a.m. every night with continuous sensual entertainment. Friday and Saturday nights are routinely huge as singles and couples pack the dance floor. It's a party like you've never seen before!
The party wasn't a lot of fun back on April 21 of this year.

As we reported at the time, Denver police surrounded PT's during the a.m. commute,  with the cops confirming that they were involved in a "barricade situation."

Those passing through the neighborhood began noticing police activity early that morning, thanks to traffic closures and scads of law-enforcement vehicles in view.

Reports cited four gunmen bursting into the club at around 6:15 a.m., when only the cleaning crew was present. The employees managed to escape, but law enforcers believed the suspects remained inside.

They were wrong.

At around 9:30 a.m., police made entry into the club and found no one inside. Apparently, the gunmen had escaped some time earlier, and there have been no subsequent reports about their capture.

The person thought to be responsible for the latest crime at the venue isn't nearly so mysterious, although the police haven't released her name at this writing.

Early Thursday, August 27, according to 7News, exotic dancer Cannon was stabbed multiple times, suffering wounds to the right side of her neck, her left hand and both forearms. And as the following photo from the station demonstrates, the injuries were serious.

Cannon's mother tells the station that her daughter was stabbed by a fellow dancer at the club.

Thus far, there's been no word that the suspect has been taken into custody.

In the meantime, we suspect the folks at PT's Showclub are hoping to get back to business as usual, rather than being the subject of more headlines like this one.

If you know anything more about this crime, you're encouraged to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).

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