Readers: If You Think People Don't Know You're Vaping, Think Again
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Readers: If You Think People Don't Know You're Vaping, Think Again

A recent Comment of the Day in which a reader maintained that he smokes pot wherever he wants and most people probably don't realize it attracted a slew of interesting commentary.

Some folks argued that the author was on point.

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Others maintained that he was only fooling himself.

The first three posts below represent this last point of view — and we included a fourth favorite as a bonus.

Check out all four items below.

Sandra Edwards writes:

I don't do it. Hate the smell. And, yes, I do smell it if you smoke it. If you drink, no one smells that. So they aren't the same.

A Chris Heismann writes:

I agree Sandra. 50 people can be drinking close by, and unless I am within arms reach of one of them, I won't smell a thing. But someone smoking 20 ft away is noticeable.

Colin Veerkamp writes:

People still know...vape "smoke" still smells like pot.

Matt Berry writes:

The first rule of smoking weed wherever you want is, don't talk about smoking weed wherever you want.

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