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Readers' Latest Denver Driving Pet Peeves: "I Want to Live, Damn You!"

We recently asked our Facebook friends to share their biggest Denver driving pet peeves.

When we posted their response, we received plenty of other suggestions — and we don't think the item's appearance on the morning of an unexpectedly heavy snowfall that clogged roads and closed schools across the metro area is the reason.

There were plenty of worthy examples from which to choose.

But here are five of the most passionate.

Jeremy Wetzel writes:
When a lane ahead is closed for construction & people stay in that lane until the last minute & expect you to let them in.
It's worse when it's long term work & the same people do it every day...

17th avenue by city park is an excellent example.
Becky Buckalew writes:
I can't believe it wasn't in the article — people here don't pull over when there's an ambulance or fire truck. Worse, they stay in their lane and go slower until it passes them. Drives me NUTS! My other pet peeve is when locals complain that transplants can't drive in the snow. I promise you, Colorado is not the only state that has ever seen snow.
Denise Johns writes:
Colorado drivers that don't f'n know what a YIELD sign means! Recently got side swiped bc the driver didn't stop at the sign 
Kyle Crews writes:
People who toss cigarette butts out their car window.
Heaven Northrop writes:
Put you FUCKING phone down and drive!! I want to live damn you!!!!!!!

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