Sarah Lane busted for outstanding warrant after throwing pita sandwich at cab driver

Freaking out can have consequences -- and they're not always the ones we expect.

Just ask Sarah Lane, 27, who allegedly threw a pita sandwich at a taxi driver in Boulder, only to wind up in handcuffs for something else entirely.

According to the Boulder Police Department, a cop encountered Lane near the intersection of 11th and Pearl over the weekend, shortly after getting into a one-sided food fight with the cabbie. Seems he told her she couldn't eat in his car and she responded by hurling her pita sandwich at him -- and she was apparently a good shot. The officer reports seeing food on the taxi's seat as well as the driver's face.

Lane wasn't a paragon of cooperation, the cops say. She reportedly threatened the officer in question and announced that she was an FBI agent -- an apparently intoxicated one, the police believe.

Predictably -- update -- Lane disputes this account. She says the cabbie yelled at her not to bring a gyro she'd purchased into his taxi, prompting her to use an expletive, at which point he dismounted from the vehicle and grabbed the snack away from her.

Whatever the case, the cabbie ultimately chose to cut her a break, declining to press charge. Problem is, she had an outstanding bench warrant on what the Boulder Daily Camera says was a dog-at-large ticket -- which is why she was arrested on a contempt of court charge.

And all because of that damn pita sandwich. Here's a larger look at Lane's booking photo.

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