Sexist Hillary Memes Response to Liberals' Facebook Posts, GOP Candidate Says

Raymond Garcia, a Republican running for a seat in the state House, says memes he's shared on his personal Facebook page are jokes and a response to the politically charged material his "liberal" friends share on their feeds. 

In recent days, Garcia has shared a meme of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's face on a bucket of KFC chicken "advertising" a $6.99 deal: "2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts and a bunch of left wings!"

Another meme superimposed Clinton's face on a feminized version of a statue of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called "The Emperor Has No Balls" (that some have decried as body shaming) and the other basically compares Clinton to a goat. 

Garcia says he isn't concerned that the memes will jeopardize his candidacy – though outcry following Delta County Colorado GOP chair Linda Sorenson sharing such memes led to her resignation, notes Jason Salzman of Salzman discovered Garcia's memes and wrote about them in a recent post

"These were posted as a joke in response to posts my liberal friends have posted," Garcia says. "We go back and forth with each other all the time. I have a lot of liberal friends on Facebook." 

When asked which memes the ones he shared were responding to, Garcia could only drum up the
liberal version of the KFC meme. "It's basically an A-frame board that they put on a sidewalk with a 'hard-to-swallow' Trump sandwich; white bread full of bologna with Russian dressing and a small pickle."

Garcia, a self-described "devoted father, gun owner, Christian, community organizer, Marine, defender of liberty, home owner" and "nice guy," says that even though he is trying to be a politician, he is entitled to an opinion. 

The state Republican party says it has no comment.
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