Shannon Sharpe: Charges against him dismissed amid suggestions accuser was a semi-stalker

Maybe things are going to work out for Shannon Sharpe after all. Yesterday, we noted that Sharpe had taken a temporary leave from CBS after a restraining order was filed against the former Bronco, a longtime local favorite who's been on the short list for NFL Hall of Fame induction. But now, the order's been dismissed amid questions about the accuser's credibility.

The details come courtesy of the Denver Post, which says Michele Bundy, the woman who had accused Sharpe, has withdrawn her complaint.

In the meantime, the Post tracked down acquaintances of Bundy, who's described as having previously worked for an unnamed Denver TV station. One, Thayne Davis, said, "She's been infatuated with Shannon Sharpe for years to the point I think she was kind of stalking him. She moved to Georgia to be closer to him. She has some insane idea in her head that he's going to be in a relationship with her."

Davis added that he and his wife recently let Bundy and her daughter stay in their Roxborough home. She apparently enjoyed it, because she only left after the police escorted her out. Added Davis, "She was fabricating stories against me, too."

As noted in our previous item, Sharpe's been accused or in court on numerous occasions over his relationships with assorted women. But if the Post's on the mark, this latest dust-up may not cause permanent damage to his broadcasting career or the chances that he'll eventually be enshrined in Canton.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.