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Sixth fatal shooting by Aurora Police in 2011: See where they happened (GOOGLE MAPS)

Yesterday, Jarome Blackmon, 21, died after being shot by Aurora Police officers, making him the latest member of a club no one wants to join. He's the sixth person to be killed by the APD this year, following Richard Arreola and four others. Thus far, four of the shootings have been deemed justified, while the fifth remains under investigation. Page down below to get details on each, as well as to check out an interactive graphic showing the area near where they happened. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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6. The 14200 block of East Arkansas Drive

At 3:05 a.m. on September 29, the Aurora Police Department says officers were called due to a report of an argument between a man and a woman that was taking place in the street. Cops contacted two people sitting parked in a nearby car and asked the man, later identified as Jerome Blackmon, 21, to step outside the vehicle -- but when they began patting him down for weapons, he ran. Officers gave chase, with one deploying a Taser that either didn't work or was defective. Shortly thereafter, the APD says Blackmon pulled a gun, at which point officers fired, killing him.

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5. The 12100 block of East Colfax Avenue

On July 23, Juan Contreras, 59, was shot three times after reportedly punching an officer multiple times through an open car window and reaching for a knife. This shooting remains under investigation.

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4. 400 block of North Laredo Street

On March 20, officers responded to an alleged motor vehicle theft attempt. At the scene, they came upon Oleg Gidenko, twenty, joined by Yevgeniy Straysta and Ruslan Giriyev, both eighteen. The APD says the group tried to run over the officers, prompting them to open fire. Gidenko was killed in a shooting deemed justified by the district attorney because his driving constituted deadly force.

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3. East 16th Avenue and Florence Street

On March 17, Aaron Williams allegedly took a family of four hostage after shooting an APD officer in the vicinity of East 16th Avenue and North Elmira Street. He later died following a standoff in which he reportedly said he was saving bullets for officers and a police dog.

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2. 14200 block of East First Drive

On March 14, Daniel Garcia reportedly took two hostages before engaging in a shootout with police. Garcia was killed and a sergeant was injured in the exchange of bullets.

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1. 1400 block of North Macon Street.

In early February, Richard Aerreola was reportedly the subject of a drug investigation. But after cops watching him had their cover blown, gunfire erupted, like Aerreola dead.

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