Snowmaking Begins on Copper Mountain (PHOTOS)

We might still be experiencing shorts weather along the Front Range, but the mountains are getting their first taste of winter. 

This week, snowmaking started on Copper Mountain, which opens to skiers at 9 a.m. on November 11.

Why start making snow this early? 

"We try to start making snow as early as early as we can and as early as conditions will allow to make sure that we can open to the public as soon as possible," says Morgan Whitehouse, communications coordinator with Copper Mountain

Conditions need to be perfect not just for recreational skiers; the U.S. Ski team spends the last two months of the year practicing at Copper

The snowmaking started on Andy's Encore but will move to other trails as conditions allow. And it's not just temperatures that affect when snowmaking can begin, Whitehouse says. High (relatively speaking) humidity is crucial. 

Browse the photos below and look forward to dusting off your skis.

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