Stan Garnett: Colorado has mishandled the medical-marijuana issue

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Beware of sending an e-mail to Jann Scott. The longtime public-access gadfly (profiled by yours truly back in 1992, prior to the launch of our online archives) tends to forward his correspondence to anyone and everyone -- and that's precisely what happened in the case of an exchange about marijuana this week with Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett.

Garnett has been out front about medical marijuana: A few months back, he declared that he was "committed to having the most progressive approach to medical marijuana of any DA's office in the state." That doesn't mean he feels the process of sorting out rules and regulations regarding dispensaries and the like has run smoothly, however. He concluded his note to Scott by writing, "Essentially, my view is that MM in Colorado could be a law school case study of how not to approach such an issue."

Look below to read more of the Scott-Garnett exchange:

From: Jann Scott To: council@bouldercolorado.gov Cc: Garnett, Stanley Sent: Mon Nov 16 20:15:22 2009 Subject: Out of controlMariguana operations

Some problems with Medical Marijuana stores:

1. There now 62 permits vs 20 liquor Stores

2. Medical Marijuana is a Buzz word for legalization.

3. Where we limit and monitor Liquor stores there are no controls.

4. Half of the people at city council meeting on Marijuana are known drug addicts with criminal records.

5. There is no money set aside for treatment.

7. The marijuana crowd spread myths that pot is non addictive and harmless.

8. Marijuana is rarely used alone and often used with alcohol and other drugs .

9. The incidence of Marijuana abuse is high.

10. the potency of Marijuana now being sold is as high as Narcotics.

11. Look for the incidence of drug addiction to sky rocket.

12.The city must match the increase of drug abuse cases with dollars for treatment.

13. There needs to be increased funds for monitoring Marijuana operations by law enforcement to the same Levels as bars and liquor stores.

14. Prescription abuse is high by reckless doctors and care givers. Anyone can get a prescription.

15. this is more about Drug dealing and money having little to do with medical need for marijuana

CONSEQUENCES: If these health issues concerning drug abuse and addiction legal monitoring, law enforcement, illegal drug sales, physician abuse, are not addressed and remedied to my

Satisfaction Wholeheartedly by the city.....I will file complaints with the DEA, US Attorneys office to Investigate the Boulder city council for illegal drug trafficking.....

Most sincerely

Jann Scott

Subject: Re: Out of controlMariguana operations Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 20:33:18 -0700 From: Stanley Garnett To: Jann Scott


Nice to hear from you, as always. I'm having a little trouble figuring out what your point is. What do you want to have happen?

Stan Garnett

From: Jann Scott To: Garnett, Stanley Sent: Mon Nov 16 22:38:06 2009 Subject: RE: Out of controlMariguana operations


This is a surprise. Thanks for writing back.

First some back round on me: I am a recovering drug addict. 32 years clean. I started the first narcotics anonymous meeting in Colorado in boulder in 1977. Boulder over 30 NA meetings a week. I worked at the ARC and ran the night shift in 1977..because they needed some one who understood drug addiction. I hosted addiction ?free Radio on 137 radio stations for 2 years. I became thoroughly educated on the nature, destruction and denial of Drug addiction at the level of community. In 1998 I recievd a commendation from Barry McCafery Drug Czar....

what i would like to see happen is.

Slow down the marijuana Lobby and activists here in boulder.

Criminal Back round checks on all license holders and Care takers.

undercover sting operations to catch Care takers in Fraudulent set ups of clients.

Sting operations of doctors who filling prescriptions to perfectly healthy people..

Sting operations on medical marijuana outlets that have illegal drug sale operations to special clients.

Stepped up DRE DUI enforcement targeting Marijuana users.

Stop macon cowles from setting up a city distribution center for marijuana. a demand by DA's office for funds to have LE monitor all medical marijuana operations treatment funds

A drug Summit involving LE, DA, Probation, University, treatment professionals, Mental health

an investigation to all of the people who spoke at city council in favor of medical marijuana to see just how big the criminal element is in the medical marijuana movement.

i want to see this movement busted down to size.




Subject: Re: Out of controlMariguana operations Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 06:27:25 -0700 From: Stanley Garnett To: Jann Scott


Thanks. I've watched your show and read your commentary over the years and have generally enjoyed it, even though I seem to end up in these establishment type positions, which are often your targets. I didn't realize that about 32 years of sobriety. That is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations.

Many of your suggestions make sense: background checks and sting operations, which are fairly common on liquor stores will certainly work with dispensaries. We need a clearer regulatory framework for dispensaries, so we have some tools to work with, which hopefully the legislature will give us. I also favor a requirement that dispensaries have to keep accurate records of their source for MM, which should be open to city inspectors, or the police, upon request. I think CC may be willing to include such. Last I communicated with [Boulder City Councilman] Macon [Cowles], he had backed off the very bad idea that the city get in the business.

I don't favor harassing people who show up and speak at City Council, whatever their motives.

Essentially, my view is that MM in Colorado could be a law school case study of how not to approach such an issue.

Best Regards,

Stan Garnett

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.