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Stephanie Rochester, accused of smothering her baby: Husband Lloyd reportedly hires a lawyer

Update, 10:58 a.m.: Here's one reason Lloyd Rochester hired a lawyer: He's filed for divorce. Details below the original item, published at 7:21 a.m.

The latest on the terrible story of Superior's Stephanie Rochester, who told investigators she smothered her baby, Rylan, because she feared he had autism: Her husband, Lloyd, who was in the house at the time of the alleged crime, has reportedly hired a lawyer.

But no potential complicity should be read into this action.

For its piece about the development, the Boulder Daily Camera quizzes Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, who says he knows of no information that's surfaced thus far that might lead to charges against Lloyd. Moreover, prominent local attorneys such as Craig Silverman and Scott Robinson agree that lawyering up under these circumstances is the sensible thing to do, particularly given how much attention the case has garnered.

In all likelihood, the punishment he's directing at himself for not having been able to help his wife deal with her depression before disaster struck is far worse than anything society could mete out.

Update, 10:58 a.m.: More from the Daily Camera: The paper has confirmed that Lloyd Rochester filed for divorce from wife Stephanie yesterday, stating in the documents that the marriage was "irretrievably broken."

Hard to argue with that statement. Learn more by clicking here.


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