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Story about Metro prof Andrew Hallam amazingly similar to Jay Bennish frenzy two years ago

Andrew Hallam as seen on Fox News.

Part-time Metro prof Andrew Hallam has been sucked into a media whirlpool after assigning an essay that student Jana Barber (and others, apparently) felt would require them to write a one-sided attack against Sarah Palin. Risking retaliation, the very brave Barber has stepped forward with her experience, telling Fox News she "didn’t file a complaint until the media had heard about it." Interesting way to phrase it, since Barber was the one who originally brought it to the attention of CBS4. Nevertheless, Metro State is currently investigating the liberal indoctrinator to see if disciplinary action should be taken.

The clip of Barber below is amazingly similar to a 2006 Hannity & Colmes interview with Overland High School student Sean Allen about his teacher, Jay Bennish. Remember Jay Bennish? If not, we found video about him, too -- and watching it after the Barber piece will give most viewers a sudden pang of déjà vu.

First, here's Barber's Fox News moment:

Allen, for his part, had taped a lecture in which Bennish bashed a slew of conservative precepts – including President Bush, American foreign policy in the Middle East and capitalism – and gave the recording to KOA’s Mike Rosen. Hannity praised Allen for his heroism, adding, "Now every left-wing teacher knows that there might be a Sean in their class."

Apparently, that message didn’t make it to Metro. But thank God we have Fox News to remind us. Watch the Allen clip below. -- Jared Jacang Maher

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.