Swingtime in the Rockies

The last Golden Circle swingers' social was the most outrageous yet.

"We had a Captain Hook and a Tinkerbell, and she lit up when you touched her," remembers Delilah, one half of the club's chaircouple. "We had a Tool Time Girl and a hillbilly couple. It was great."

For Halloween 2001, Delilah had dressed as a Moulin Rouge girl, and her husband, Foster, the emcee, wore a white tuxedo from the waist up, a silver thong and boots from there down. This year, Delilah was a hippie chick/belly dancer, and Foster was the Pelican Brief. "Kind of hard to describe," Delilah says. "You had to be there."

She has been there for only three years, but they've changed her life. Before joining the Golden Circle Social Club, she was an inhibited woman in her mid-fifties who dressed conservatively and always worried that she was loud and crass. Now she's a bubbly, curvaceous flirt who habitually wears tight corset numbers, pounds the sweet shots known as Butter Babies, and considers recreational sex to be the most rewarding hobby there is. Like other swingers, she refers to it, and everything that goes with it, as The Lifestyle.

"It's the first place I've found where I can be me," Delilah says. "I've accepted myself. It's amazing how good it can make you feel when ten different guys ask you to dance or to join them later. We have no mercy fucks at the Golden Circle, so I know they really mean it."

If you're not the jealous type and your marriage is stronger than Atlas -- "swinging is no way to fix a bad relationship," Delilah advises -- you're invited to enter a world in which all women are hotties, all men are studs, and discretion flies out the window.

"Sex is shunned in our society," she says. "Even straight sex! Everyone's uptight, and about the wrong things! We're not hurting anybody, but we're considered the perverts. People accept adultery, but they very seldom accept us. Out in the straight world, you really have to watch what you say."

Which is why no names here are real. Delilah, Foster and the rest enjoy revealing themselves, but they're not stupid.

The Golden Circle holds two socials each month, both at the Best Western on East 48th Avenue. They begin with a 7 p.m. orientation, with attendance required for couples who, even if they have swung before, have not done so at the Golden Circle. No singles are allowed.

On this night, two men with vintage pompadours have brought their slightly younger wives, both sporting large blond 'dos and tight, revealing clothes. The two couples both seem to have come from small towns on Colorado's plains. That's fairly common, as is the appearance of the third couple: conservatively dressed, close-lipped and frankly terrified.

"I can remember our first time," says Lexie, our hostess. "We had that deer-in-the-headlights look, too."

Lexie and her husband, Stan, are just one of many Golden Circle couples who volunteer to run orientations. The atmosphere is Rotarian, even if the subject matter is not: Hotel conference tables arranged in a horseshoe, cups for water, the way Stan puts on his reading glasses and clears his throat to call us to order. He and Lexie have been in The Lifestyle for two and a half wonderful years, he says, and they've been married since they were teens, at least thirty years ago.

"If our families knew, they'd commit us," he adds.

"But we're all normal here," Lexie assures us.

"We're all human!"

"The difference," Lexie says, "is even though I was raised not to have sex with someone unless you love them, I don't believe that anymore. In short: You can fuck it, but you don't have to love it. If you can separate these two things, you can enhance your sex life like you would not believe."

And in the meantime, relax. The Golden Circle is an "off-premise" club, which means that swinging is never done in the ballroom but arranged by willing participants for more intimate quarters in the hotel. In fact, if you contact Bud at Best Western, you can book a room for tonight at a discount and enjoy a free continental breakfast tomorrow.

"They put all us weirdos on the seventh floor," Lexie says.

"So you might want to make your own party up there later on," Stan suggests. "But there is no sexual activity on the dance floor, so you can quit worrying about that. There's some butt-rubbing, sure, but if someone asks you to dance, that's all they're asking."

When they're asking for more, it will be immediately obvious what, with whom and under what conditions, he adds. A couple swings either "open" -- engaging in any sex act together -- or "closed" -- going their separate ways when it's time for the main event. The best way to research the night's potential sex partners is to dance with everyone who catches your eye. No means no, and it's perfectly okay to attend a social, flirt like crazy and leave with your spouse. Group sex is by invitation only, whereas an orgy is open to all. If that's what you're looking for, leave the door of your hotel room all the way open.

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