Tea Party rally in Denver: Protesting the protesters and more

The Tea Party movement is a proudly grassroots rebellion that's deeply suspicious of the mainstream media. So perhaps the best way to get a sense of yesterday's raucous rally at the Capitol, which coincided with Tax Day and featured appearances by the likes of senatorial candidate Ken Buck, is to check out videos true believers made themselves.

The clip above focuses on an energetic faceoff between the Tea Party faithful and a group protesting them. Below, there's a speech highlighted by a derisive roll call of elected officials: Check out the ultra-sarcastic pronunciation of "Eddie Perlmutter!" And in a third video, note the presence of a sign declaring, "We are John Galt" -- a reference to a character from the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged described by our anonymous friends at Wikipedia as "a creator and inventor who symbolizes the power of the individual capitalist." Sounds like the life of the Party.

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