The Ten Denver Neighborhoods With the Biggest Increases in Property Crime

Earlier this week, we shared a post in which we listed the ten Denver neighborhoods with the biggest increases in violent crime during 2015, according to Denver Police Department statistics.

Included among them was one in which the total offenses quintupled over the previous year.

The rises in property crime aren't quite that dramatic. The largest is just over 50 percent.

But the digits are still worrisome, particularly in light of our post from January, in which we revealed that crime increased in seven of nine categories tracked by the DPD, with homicide ratcheting upward by a disturbing 72.4 percent.

And that's not to mention the 9News report for which the latest data was originally compiled. In it, the station revealed that crime went up in every Denver neighborhood last year.

Continue to count down the ten Denver neighborhoods where property crime went up the most in 2015.

Number 10: Congress Park

Property crime increase: 29.3 percent

Number 9: Cory-Merrill

Property crime increase: 31.9 percent +

Number 8: Skyland

Property crime increase: 33.3 percent +

Number 7: University Park

Property crime increase: 35.7 percent +

Number 6: Marston

Property crime increase: 36.2 percent +

Continue to keep counting down the ten Denver neighborhoods where property crime went up the most in 2015.

Number 5: Indian Creek

Property crime increase: 40 percent +

Number 4: South Park Hill

Property crime increase: 46.3 percent +

Number 3: Sloan's Lake

Property crime increase: 49.3 percent +

Number 2: Barnum West

Property crime increase: 50.4 percent +

Number 1: Elyria Swansea

Property crime increase: 55.5 percent +

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