DJ Craze earns his nickname.
DJ Craze earns his nickname.
Photo by Uriah West

The blog shortcut, September 28 edition

Spin me right 'round.

Today in Backbeat Online:Over the Weekend: DJ Craze at Beta. • Over the weekend: Bryan Adams at the Paramount Theatre. • Denver House Authority off Vinyl rooftop. • Win a pair of tickets to see Manic Street Preachers tonight. • Dialed In: This week's local music radio playlists.

Today in Cafe Society:Hey, cupcake! A letter to Keegan Gerhard. • Milking It: Total Cinnamon Crunch. • Chopsticks China Bistro opening slated for Wednesday. • The week's culinary calendar. • Ask the Critic: Beating a dead horse.

Today in The Latest Word:DA Chambers cuts corners on a death penalty case again. • Broncos suckage less humiliating than predicted. • Stimulus-funding signs Republicans will like. • Zazi becomes Michael Bloomberg's best friend (when it comes to seeking more federal dollars). • Michael Bennet: Half a loaf is better than none. He's fit to be tied.


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