Those George W. Bush countdown clocks are going fast

Stopped by Twist and Shout yesterday to paw through vinyl 45s for my vintage jukebox, and when I arrived at the counter shortly thereafter to pay for my excellent finds, I couldn't help noticing a stack of George W. Bush countdown clocks -- small devices that ticked off each day until Dubya's term of office expired. Since that happens today, I asked the woman cashing me out if there'd be a big clearance sale on the doodads once Barack Obama took the oath of office. She laughed, then asked a nearby manager if the items would soon be priced at half off. He chuckled, too, but was otherwise noncommital. Still, if you're in the neighborhood of the wonderful store's 2508 E. Colfax address, you might stop by and make them an offer. Because a few minutes from now, those clocks official stop.

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