TMZ: Chris Brown Person of Interest in Alleged Assault at Platinum 84 Strip Club

Ever since Chris Brown admitted to battering then-girlfriend Rihanna a few years back, the singer has been fighting to reclaim his good reputation among female music lovers, in particular.

We imagine an incident that allegedly took place this week at the Platinum 84 strip club won't help his quest.

According to the entertainment site TMZ, Brown has been named a person of interest in an assault accusation filed by a woman who says she was thrown off the entertainer's tour bus.

Moreover, TMZ has video on view below that appears to at least partly corroborate the claims.

As noted in our listing section, Brown headlined the Pepsi Center on Sunday, September 13.

Also on the bill for what's been dubbed the "One Hell of a Nite" tour: Kid Ink, Omarion, Fetty Wap and Teyana Taylor.

We've heard no reports about problems at the concert.

Here's a clip from the gig, as shared on YouTube.

While in town, Brown and his retinue arranged a video shoot at Platinum 84, a venue that was at the center of two ugly incidents last year.

In August 2014, the club was the setting for a double shooting.

Then, the next month, a cop was hurt during an attack on the night of a 2 Live Crew show.

After the Brown shoot, the club shared a video on Facebook and YouTube offering behind-the-scenes views.

Here's the clip.

But the footage secured by TMZ is more troublesome.

"We're told a woman, who was not part of the production, claims she was forcibly thrown off Brown's bus after refusing to give up her cell phone," the site points out, adding, "There were strict 'no cell phone' rules, because no one wanted video or photos secretly shot, The woman also claims her cell phone was broken in the melee."

The woman filed a complaint for third-degree assault, TMZ goes on — and as such, investigators have named Brown and his entourage as persons of interest and would like to talk to them as part of the investigation.

Meanwhile, TMZ offers this footage of the bus incident, with an arrow helpfully pointing out Brown, the woman and the phone. See it here.

To put it mildly, no brutality by Brown or anyone else in his posse is captured in this footage.

As such, it's unclear whether anything will come of the complaint.

Platinum 84 is certainly shrugging off the brouhaha. The club posted the TMZ link on its Facebook page along with the comment, "What happens on the Party bus stays on the Party bus."

Nonetheless, the last thing Chris Brown needs is another report about mistreating a woman....

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