Top Ten Texts From Last Night Out of the 303, 2016 Edition

It's been a year since we last shared a Texts From Last Night collection from the 303 area code.

And since we last checked in, thumbs have been busy.

So have a lot of other things, judging by the hilarious weirdness of the messages that follow..

Continue to experience our photo-illustrated picks for the ten most memorable recent texts from the 303.

Number 10: The dangers of begging Number 9:  Did you get the license plate of that alcohol truck?
Number 8: Too hot
Number 7: Unintended consequences
Number 6: Man cougar

Continue to keep counting down the top ten Texts From Last Night out of the 303, 2016 edition.

Number 5: Vibrating with pleasure
Number 4: Coming out party
Number 3: Cat woman
Number 2: Keep your hands above the table
Number 1: Those are the breaks

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