Twitter Tuesday: Mr. Cargo, our featured Twit

Last week, we asked actual twits why we should follow them. We received many amusing responses from lots of people, including an unreasonable amount from one Mr. Cargo (@defconqueso) who gets th enod this week for both his dogged persistence in winning us over, and the fact he's actually a pretty funny guy. Find out what he tweeted to sell us, and more about the man behind the tweets -- all in 140-character bursts, after the jump.

How he sold us initially (it was the last one that finally got us onboard): As one of many farts in this hurricane I aim to jam funny, unusual and/or informative debris through the brains of passersby

Furthermore, I aspire to be that single spark from the campfire of Internets that sets your quilt ablaze ( a good way)

That metaphor is one of many with the possible result of the reader sending me a bill for new pants

Seriously, tho, follow me because you won't have to stay 200ft back for fear of being hit w/loose gravel from my rumpal area

@DenverWestword: What brought you to Twitter?

@defconqueso: LiveJournal wasn't doing it for me anymore -- I needed something faster and harder. *wipes nose*

@DenverWestword:So LJ was your gateway drug, huh?

@defconqueso: Friends spent months trying to talk me into branching out... In the end I was dragged shrugging and 'Meh, What-the-hell'-ing into it.

@DenverWestword: What do you tweet about usually?

@defconqueso:: Anything on my mind, trivial or otherwise, really, in between LGBT issues, health care reform, random firings of my brain voices.

It might be the Tourette's talking. My next tweet could be something political or 'I farted'... depends on how the wind's blowing I guess

@DenverWestword: What keeps you busy offline (aka in real life)?

@defconqueso:Right now I am best described as a fat starving artist. I job hunt and leave arse-indentations in coffee shop chairs doing Sharpie drawings. (see here, here and here for examples).

Requisite visceral functions and foodstuffs consumption, also.

@DenverWestword: Finally, open tweeting: Last chance to say something to convince doubters to follow you: GO!

@defconqueso: Wrap Your Fingers Around the Front of Denver's Jiggly, Bore-Dazzling Internet Conga Line! (Note: we're not sure what that means, but we're pretty sure it's dirty...)

Got favorite Twit we should feature? Maybe that's you? Follow us at @DenverWestword, tweet to us why they/you should be followed and we'll be in touch.

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