Update: Colorado Alternative Medicine Operations Suspended Following Forged Documents Allegations

We told you last month about the accusations against Anna Cozy, owner of Colorado Alternative Medicine. Colorado regulators say Cozy tried to pass off forged recreational pot documents at the state and city level; when confronted with charges, she reportedly said she "panicked" when the state licensing process began and she wasn't ready.

According to a note posted on the South Broadway dispensary's door a few days ago that has circulated on Facebook, the shop's operations have been suspended; sources tell us that the warehouses have been closed as well. We tried calling the dispensary but didn't get an answer or reply to our voicemail.

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As we reported in December, the business began to unravel when a state Marijuana Enforcement Division investigator was told by Cozy that she had transferred her state medical MIP from a location on Delaware Street to another spot on Ironton Street. The only problem, according to the investigator, is that the MED didn't have any paperwork regarding the license transfer. The division looked into it further and physically inspected the Ironton Street location, but Cozy was still unable to provide any proof of the Denver licenses. According to the MED, that's because there were no active licenses for MIPS at either location.

MED officials wouldn't comment on exactly what the outcome would be for the violations, but according to state rules the shop could face anything from massive fines at the least to a complete shutdown of operations at worst -- or both. Judging by the note on the door, the MED is opting for the harshest punishment available.

The shutdown could signal the end of one of Colorado's more celebrated dispensaries, which often got accolades from other dispensary owners and employees. We visited the shop twice over the last five years for reviews and were consistently impressed by the unique strains it had on deck.

Read the rest of the timeline in our previous coverage. We'll update this story if/when we get more information. Have a tip? Send it to [email protected]

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