Videos: Five fatalities, 1,253 missing, 11,750 evacuated in Colorado flooding

The worst of the flooding in Boulder County and beyond appears to be behind us -- but the story is far from over. At this writing, the number of confirmed fatalities statewide is estimated at five, including Wiyanna Nelson, seen here. But the Colorado Office of Emergency Management estimates the number of people unaccounted for at 1,253, with approximately 11,750 having been evacuated thus far -- and additional helicopter rescues are expected to take place today. Look below for additional information, photos and videos from the past 24 hours.

On Friday, we knew the names of two flooding victims -- Joey Howlett, 72, former owner of Jamestown Mercantile Café, who died in a structure collapse, and Wesley Quinlan, a recent Centaurus High grad who was swept away while trying to rescue a young woman traveling with him.

Now, Quinlan's companion has been identified as Wiyanna Nelson, whose last shared Facebook photo depicts her and Quinlan together. Here's a look at that shot....

...as well as a portrait of Nelson.... ...and a Facebook page graphic that depicts an upbeat young woman with a positive spirit: The pair were reportedly heading home with friends when their vehicle was overwhelmed by water and mud.

Over the weekend, the Fund for Wiyanna Nelson Facebook page was launched. For more information, click here.

This personal tragedy gives depth and dimension to the latest numbers from the aforementioned College Office of Emergency Management:

• Flood conditions are spread across the Front Range across 15 counties including: Boulder, El Paso, Larimer, Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Fremont, Jefferson, Logan, Morgan, Pueblo, Washington, and Weld counties. This are is almost 200 miles from north to south.

• Fatalities: 5

• Reported Missing: 1,253 (approximate and changing throughout the day - local counties have most current numbers)

• Evacuated Persons: 11,750

• Shelter Population Total: 528

• Shelters: 26 Shelters open

• Residential Structures: 17,494 damaged/1,502 destroyed

This morning weather is predicted to be clear enough for emergency personnel to resume helicopter rescues. Yes, plenty of people remain stranded, and huge clean-up challenges remain even as the waters finally, finally begin to recede.

Here is a collection of Boulder flooding videos uploaded in the past 24 hours. In the meantime, our sincere condolences to the friends, family and loved ones of all the flooding victims.

Continue for more recent videos of the flooding in Boulder.

Continue for more recent videos of the flooding in Boulder.

Continue for more recent videos of the flooding in Boulder.

More from our News archive: "Photos: Wesley Quinlan feared dead, woman missing in ongoing Boulder flooding."

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