Looking to embarrass celebs? Come right in.

Wanna get into ritzy DNC parties? Be paparazzi

Turns out all you have to do to get into the glitziest parties in town is to be one of the sleaziest folks around.

Flush with democratic fervor, a bunch of us attempted to exercise our God-given right to get into parties we weren’t invited to late last night in LoDo. At one packed shindig, the wily ladies guarding the door would have none of it, denying us entry time and time again. In the midst of our endeavors, however, a skuzzy old dude in an over-stuffed grey vest and holding a super-sized camera – surely one of the endless paparazzi who’ve descended upon this town – breezed right by the door guards, even though he, too, apparently wasn’t on the invite list.

“What gives?” we protested. “He had a camera,” explained the woman in charge, noting that if we had cameras, we could get in, too.

There you have it. If you want the royal treatment during the DNC, grab your zoom lens and start snooping for up-skirt angles. Denver really is dying for its close-up – even if it turns out to just be on TMZ. – Joel Warner

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